A ‘yes’ vote will serve our next generation well

Thursday, October 3, 2019

A ‘yes’ vote will serve our next generation well

Dear Editor:

I am a member of the Committee that made recommendations to the Glendive Public School Board, and I’m proud of the recommendations the group delivered.

Strong public school are important for our children and for our community’s future.

I plan to vote YES for schools on October 8th and invite you to join me. Whether you have kids in the elementary, middle school or high school right now or not, we cannot be the generation which lets our public schools fall apart.

Our strong schools are the bedrock of our community, and one of the reasons people buy homes and raise their families here. This represents an investment in our kids, our community and our homes. There’s a famous phrase that says service is the rent we pay for living on this Earth. We can certainly serve our next generations well by voting “yes” on October 8th.

Valerie Damron