Be proud of where you live

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Be proud of where you live

Dear Editor:

Consider the future should the school bond pass. Within three years Glendive has a new state of the art junior high school, a renovated school for elementary students that keeps them warm in the cold winters and cool on hot August days and a high school with secure entrances to maintain safety for the students with replacements and upgrades of infrastructure. No longer will the school district need to waste tax funds to make temporary repairs because of no funding for long term improvements. Upgrades to the auditorium and common areas increase the number of organizations renting the facility and offering large events in Glendive which bring people to town who buy goods and services. Plans may be finalized and funded for a community wellness center which will provide therapy services for our veterans and coordinate with multiple community service organizations to meet health and wellness needs of our community. These improvements help employers “sell Glendive” to new recruits from out of town to fill the overwhelming number of employment positions. Better staffing in businesses improves services to customers and patients. If residents “buy local” then businesses thrive. Each individuals’ taxes decrease as the tax base grows when more residents and businesses come to Glendive.

Let’s not stop at that thought. We know that there will be residents living on tighter budgets and needing more community support services. How do we address these issues? Volunteer for and donate to community service organizations including the senior center, food bank, Lions Club who provides financial support to low income individuals for eye glasses and hearing aids, Jaycees who provides school supplies to students and support to the foster child program, Farm to Table and 4H program to support the children of our dear farmers and ranchers and/ or become a GMC Auxilian and volunteer at the Attic to provide clothes and household goods at bargain prices. Every day we volunteer we determine the kind of community in which we live. Pour yourself into our community and serve. Be proud of where you live and provide support where you see the need.

Melonie J. Beeler