Convinced Sen. Hinebauch is right about riots

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Dear Editor,

I’m responding to the “letter to the editor” from Janet Martineau on 2/4/21 in which she claims Senator Steve Hinebauch is wrong with stating the January 6th riots at the Capital building, in Washington, were caused by ANTIFA members disguised as Trump supporters. After watching the January 11th interview, of independent journalist Masako Ganaha on Cross Roads w/ Joshua Philipp, I’m convinced Senator Hinebauch is correct in his assumption. On YouTube, this Japanese reporter takes the viewers through the 12 minute Ashli Babbit video which shows the agitators wearing backpacks, inciting the crowd, changing their clothes for disguise, and leading the people through the building. She concludes that the crowd in the Capital was not completely Trump supporters and were not completely ANTIFA either but the leaders of the crowd were not Trump supporters. This was a planned riot, started before President Trump completed his speech @ the White House and CNN even interviewed one of the agitators, in the video, as a witness which is a planned Marxist tactic according to this Japanese reporter. CNN never gave their audience the other point of view. Also, Martineau states that the FBI refuted ANTIFA involvement and identified well known Trump supporters as members of Q-ANON and Proud Boys. My question is; Who in the FBI made this determination? Remember the corrupt Clapper, Comey, McCabe, and Brennan clowns who were running the National Intelligence, CIA, and FBI departments during the bogus 4 year Russian Collusion “witch hunt”. My advice to Janet Martineau and others, of the same mind set, is to take everything the “deep state” says, along with their praetorian guard main stream media, with a grain of salt.

Patrick Prescott