Give students the tools to succeed

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Give students the tools to succeed

Dear Editor:

My mother died when I was 6 years old and my father never remarried. His focus was always his work and his children’s education. He was very aware of the value of education, having come as an immigrant to this country with only an 8th grade education. His goal for his children was to receive a college education. One of his favorite sayings to my sister and I was, “They can take away your money and all that you have, but they can’t take away what you have up here, (then he would point to his head)”. Another favorite was, “There is no merit in ignorance.” He was an avid supporter of education and he lived to see his kids through college. Dawson County was instrumental in achieving that goal. Also, I have been blessed to see my children, grand children and great grandchildren served by the same local schools.

Educational opportunities are critical for kid’s tomorrows. Dividends have returned to Dawson County for all its investment made in education in the past. Many positions in our community are filled by people who have been educated by all or some of the schools in Dawson County. This includes State and County positions, teachers, doctors, nurses at the local hospital, self employed specialists, as well as many farmers and ranchers and others. Our community is so enriched by our children staying home and serving in their home town.

Today’s kindergartners have access to more technology than I ever saw in my whole career in education (1950-2003). It is critical that our educational tools be kept current. A quality educational facility, with quality staff is foundational to a quality community. It is our community’s responsibility to provide this to our children. It is time to replace and refurbish our educational facilities. Let’s give our children and teachers the tools they need to build their futures.


Tom Ree

Dawson County