Hinebauch’s ‘no’ votes hurt Eastern Montanans

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Dear Editor:

Who we vote for as leaders and who we put in office matters. I just read the ad where Steve Hinebauch, our current senator for Wibaux, Richland and Dawson County voted AGAINST at least 34 bipartisan bills. That means he voted AGAINST bills that both Republicans and Democrats came together to support. On some of those bills Steve was the only senator who said NO. There were many bipartisan bills passed where Steve voted NO, but I will address just a few of these bills.

Many individuals have written letters stating he was the only one who voted against human trafficking (SB 147), but I found he said NO to bills that would have helped fund our schools (HB 2) as well as the recruitment and retention of teachers (HB 211). Steve voted against bills providing for suicide prevention for both schools and vets(2017-HB 347,HB 118); bills dealing with the elderly (HB 566, HB86); child support for children with disabilities (HB 726); funding for special education (HB 638); a bill to create a review commission on child abuse and neglect (HB 303) and bills dealing with mental health issues (2017-HB 387, 2019-SB 30) PLEASE REMEMBER these are all bipartisan bills, supported by both Republican and Democrat legislators. Steve says he is pro-family. Why, Steve, didn’t you support these bills that would have made life easier for our families in Eastern Montana? The Legislature, in bipartisan fashion, endorsed changes to 11 Montana roadways in honor of people who have made a difference for Montana. Fiscal notes on these bills state there is little or no cost for these signs and plaques. Steve Hinebauch voted NO on all 11 of these bills and this includes a bill honoring Medal of Honor recipients who gave their lives so we might have freedom. He voted against Memorial Highways honoring law enforcement who lost their lives in the line of duty. He voted against highways honoring Montana heroes like Conrad Burns and Janette Rankin. Steve always refers to freedom and patriotism in his ads and articles. Steve, if you believe in patriotism and freedom, why did you vote NO to bills honoring these true Montana patriots?

Pat is not an automatic yes or no. He listens to both sides and then decides.

Please support Pat Mischel SD 18. Who we elect as our state senator does matter.

Janette Legato