Restaurant owners prepare to reopen Monte Carlo Pizza

Jamie Ausk Crisafulli
Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Monte Carlo Pizza, located in downtown Glendive on Merrill Avenue, has been closed for a few weeks, but the business’s original owners Dave and Rani Bassi want their loyal costumers to know the closure is only temporary as they plan to open the restaurant to its original standard, if not better, in a few months.

The Bassis are in Glendive this week to begin the work of reopening the restaurant after the previous owner, who was purchasing the business through a contract for deed, was unable to meet his obligations.

The Bassis opened Monte Carlo Pizza in January of 2015. The couple, who is from Canada, discovered the community of Glendive through real estate investments in 2008 and after spending time in the community, felt they could fill a need in Glendive by opening a pizza restaurant.

“We didn’t know where Glendive was,” Dave said of their first investments in an interview Monday. After visiting the community a few times they realized they wanted to spend more time here.

“We like it, we like the people. We saw a restaurant opportunity and thought we would give it a try, and it turned out really good,” he added.

They gave over the business to the recent owner in 2017 so they could move back to Canada to be closer to their expanding family.

While their business is closed, the Bassis will be doing a major cleanup to prepare the business to meet the standards their customers are accustom to.

They plan to be back in business in January 2020. The Bassis will be moving back to live in the community full time to run the restaurant.

“We just hope people will give us an opportunity again. We don’t want to see it close,” Dave said.

Monte Carlo Pizza will open with the original menu as well as some new items.

Anyone with questions about the restaurant or who is interested in employment opportunities should contact Dave Bassi at 778-998-7250.

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