Talk is cheap, Steve (Bullock)

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Dear Editor,

As I was walking out of the senate chambers one day in my first session the Governor was walking by. As he shook my hand his comment to me was “Steve—that is a good name.” That might be one of the few times I agreed with him in the last four years. He told me he would sign all the good bills. That comment had me shaking my head after both sessions ended and I am really shaking my head as he campaigns for the US Senate.

For instance, in both sessions we had several pro-gun bills that we passed out of the legislature. He was 100% – he vetoed them all. In his campaign ads he says he is going to stand up to the gun grabbers in Washington to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. When he was running for President, he campaigned to take away some of our guns to try to win the liberal democrat nomination. Now he has gun grabbers like Jane Fonda holding fundraisers for him and giving him money. If you look at the list of his donors, you will find lots of gun grabbers. Talk is cheap.

In this campaign he is talking about lowering prescription drug prices. SB 71, which would have lowered prescription drug costs, was passed by bipartisan support but the Governor vetoed it. Again, talk is cheap.

I agree, Steve is a good name. That’s why I am voting for Steve Daines for US Senate.

Senator Steve Hinebauch