We don’t need legal drug use in Montana

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Dear Editor,

Voters of Montana: Please vote NO on the initiatives to allow retail marijuana sales & use in our state. Vote NO on I-190 & CI-118

It appears that the Montana Committee that is proposing these initiatives paid an out of state professional signature collector to obtain the necessary signatures. These people were paid to collect numbers of signatures, who knows how they misrepresented facts to get signatures.

The top donor to pay for the collections was a Washington based political action committee called New Approach PAC. Do we really want out of state political PAC’S trying to influence our marijuana use in this state?

Other states that have recreational drug use also have the problems that go with it. Traffic in neighboring states have increased policing costs as people go use drugs and then drive home. Hotels and campgrounds have become havens for out of state folks to come and use marijuana where it is legal causing problems for nonusers.

This drug has been known as a gateway drug for many years. It causes more tar in the lungs than cigarettes. It leads to bigger more potent drug use.

Please vote NO to general use. We already have have a regulated medical marijuana system. We don’t need legal drug use in Montana.

The idea of the marijuana growers is to get people’s support by introducing medical marijuana, then when people get used to the idea, propose recreational use. The drug is expensive and the people behind it see an opportunity to grow their profits. Montana lets be smart. Don’t contribute.

Thank you.

Jennifer Kelly